The Pentagon-Neuroscience Connection Part 2

As I brought up last week, we should watch the merging of DOD and NIH monies in the pursuit of neuroscience research. Here’s an article on one use the Pentagon may want to put all this research to: “Pentagon to build robots with real brains.” As a side note, this seems far-fetched.


  1. he wants the center to inucdle a “very focused” science research project roughly every year and a half on topics such as the ability to sustain focus under stress and other concerns of the military. Morgan added that these research activities are not covered by the $1.8 million grant, and would require future funding. Setting up a 2-step program to get the Ivy League more involved with the most effective methods of extracting information from the unwilling?

  2. Oh Gemela, I love you and I know you are there for your son. All you can do is love him and be a positive force. The jnuroey he will experience with his feelings because of his father is unfortunately not something that you can change. These are difficult complicated feelings. As a child that was raised by a single mother and has an open wound when it comes to her relationship with her father, all I can say is be honest with your son about what he can expect from his father, but never speak poorly of his father to him. I think that is one of the things that my mother did right. My feelings about my father are “my” feelings, they are not affected or molded by my mother and as an adult I really appreciate that.

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