DARPA follow up: Where the Scientific-Military-Industrial Complex is Headed

As a follow up to my paranoia about Obama’s BRAIN initiative last month, I thought I’d compile some cool robot videos showing that DARPA is moving us closer to Star Wars – the movie – every day; that’s why allowing them to be the majority funder of BRAIN should have elicited a tad more cynicism from the mainstream press than it did.

Here’s a DARPA robot acting like something out of the stone age.

My guess is they’ll have it up to WWII in short order. For all I know throwing a cinder block is harder than shooting a gun.

Here it is in the wild:

Here’s a 2-legged version climbing stairs:

Now if we can just give them brains….


  1. Great DARPA article. It inspired me–another ex-pat from research of interest to the military-industria-research complex– to send more food for cynical thought: my 45″ documentary on the role of the American Psychological Association whose “Science Directorate” regularly lobbies the “hill” and Pentagon for ways to advance psychology’s footprint, go to http://www.focusreframed.com and click “Interrogation Psychologists” For how health care professionals are implicated in the “enhanced” interrogation program, a key part of national security psychology: http://www.doctorsofthedarkside.com. It took 10 years to fully sunshine the torture program. If that pattern is any indication, the facts about DARPA brain research will dribble out and make suspicions today seem quaint.

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