Your Moment of Neural Zen

June 4, 2013



About Peter Freed, M.D.

I am a psychiatrist (psychopharmacology and psychotherapy) specializing in the so-called "personality disorders," particularly narcissistic and borderline personality disorders. I was a Fellow and then an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Columbia from 2004- 2011. I am currently in private practice in NYC.

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5 Comments on “Your Moment of Neural Zen”

  1. Lyudmila Says:

    Really enjoyed this ivntreiew. I’ve watched most of them. I had to stop and start a lot to get all the language i.e., phylogenic hierarchy , etc. But what I appreciated the most what the enjoyment both participants got out of talking to each other which was in a sense exactly what SP was talking about. Mario, North Carolina


  2. Hebie Says:

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  3. Lonitra Says:

    These topics are so cosnunifg but this helped me get the job done.


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