Was Pythagoras right after all? Princeton theoretical physicist has theory that space and time are emergent properties of geometrical objects

In contrast the the modern belief that the universe is physical, Pythagoras (among other ancients) believed that the universe’s basic “stuff” was mathematical. After a century or so of incoherent materialism, are we finally coming back around to that idea?

Quanta magazine has a nice writeup of a new theory (not yet empirically tested, but consistent with many empirical findings) that is barnstorming theoretical physics right now: that space and time , rather than being fundamental properties of the universe, may be emergent properties of more fundamental, timeless, geometrical entities called amplituhedrons. A readable article, and an exciting idea.

There is a nice video of a lecture by the lead author, Nima Arkani-Hamed, here.


Image from here

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