Kastrup: “it is important to keep in mind the distinction between idealism and solipsism. According to solipsism, the world is your individual dream. The whole of existence unfolds in your individual psyche alone. All other seemingly conscious creatures are merely figments of your imagination; there is allegedly nothing it is like to be them. This is not what idealism posits. According to idealism, the whole universe is in mind, but not in your individual psyche alone, for mind extends far beyond the boundaries of personal introspection. The outside world is indeed outside your individual mentation, just not outside mind as an ontological class. Idealism grants that other living organisms are truly conscious—that is, that there is something it is like to be them—and their appearances and behaviors aren’t merely figments of your personal imagination. As such, idealism is different from solipsism and shouldn’t be confused with it as you make your way through the next chapters. (The Idea of the World, pp. 53-54).