Only Connectome

As a rather precise analogy, knowing the distribution of cell phones in the United States might tell you this much (pinchy fingers) about what Americans are saying to one another. A complete list of every phone’s contact history (eg, who is calling who, and when, and for how long) would tell you this much (hands a foot apart) about what Americans are saying. But actually recording all of the conversations would tell you this much (arms stretched as wide as possible) about what Americans are saying.

Obama’s Anterior Cingulate

In a sense that’s what worked about the photo. Obama could have been in any living room in America on any given Sunday. All that was missing was the chips and dip. We’ve all sat around with our friends, just like him, and we’ve all gazed up at the television, just like him. And we’ve all held our breaths as our team began its final play for all the marbles, just like him.