Popper’s Flawed Critique of Panpsychism

I suppose Popper has done us a favor here: he has combined bad thinking about memory, emergence, and materialism with sweeping arrogance. It’s a kind of apotheosis of bad anti-psychism, and should lead any curious person to wonder whether something isn’t terribly amiss (and insecure!) in modern materialism.

Dual to the Death: From Self to Neuroself, Part 6

Do not believe the rumors. It’s not a physical world. Not merely, not only. Material is a lot of it, but isn’t all of it; matter does not have the right of way, for it does not have all the facts. It cannot tell the truth, or at least, not the whole. Matter must stand by meaning to be corrected. But even that correction will not be correct. For to restore the Idea to its proper place, with full equality to Matter, is merely to make a larger error. The two of them, as a dichotomy and dualism, are as wrong as either one alone. For the universe contains both of them, but as a single, united thing. But what is this thing?