Treatment Resources

1. Psychiatry & Psychotherapy

1.1 Insurance Billing Tips for Psychotherapy and Psychopharmacology Patients

Billing is divided up into two codes. Choosing the correct combination of codes maximizes the patient’s reimbursement for the session.

  1. The ICD-10 (DSM-5) diagnostic code for the condition the patient has and is receiving treatment.
  2. CPT code which is for the service doctor is providing

1.1.1 ICD-10 (DSM-5) Codes

  • The normal diagnostic codes
  • Z65.8 other problem related to psychosocial circumstances
  • Z91.4 Personal history of psychosocial trauma
  • Z91.5 Personal history of self-harm
  • Z60.0 Phase of life problem
  • Z72.9 Problem related to lifestyle

1.1.2. CPT Codes

Looking at chart below, figure out what services the doctor provided in each of the three categories History and Exam, Medical Decision Making Complexity, and Presenting Problem Severity. The intensity in each of these (rows) determines the code (column) based on the highest two of the three categories.

  • For example A typical psychotherapy + psychopharmacology patient with 2 of the following: a problem-focused visit (eg, small scope of conversation) and straightforward decision making and minor initial problem will be 90836/99212.
  • A more challenging case with 2 of the following: a detailed exam, low complexity, and low-moderate problem will be 90836/99213.
  • A fairly challenging case with 2 of the following: a detailed exam, moderate complexity, and moderate problem will be 90836/99214.
  • The most challenging cases 2 of the following comprehensive exam, high complexity, and moderate-high presenting problem will be 90836/99215

Medicaid Explanation of proper coding


Therapists need permission to speak to one another about you.

This is a release form for providers to speak with one another. Print this out, fill it out, and give it to the provider that you want to speak to another provider. For example if you are seeing Therapist B after leaving Therapist A, give it to Therapist B (filled out giving them permission to speak to A) and they will now be legally free to speak to Therapist A. They can send it to Therapist A themselves if Therapist A wants a copy.

2. Healthy Living

2.1 Meditation

Hindu Pranayama Breathing

2.2 Eating Disorders in NYC

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